We4All in collaboration with the company Mini Cooper carried out on Sunday, May 8, another big action. On a fantastic day, with dynamic volunteers-workers but also with great appetite, 400 saplings were planted with various species of plants and saplings that can thrive due to the ecosystem.

This tree planting is the cornerstone of an environmental goal for all three parties. The first 400 trees from 2000 were planted that will be planted in all of Greece, with emphasis on the areas of North Evia and in general the fire-affected areas, where the fiery flame left no room for anything less.

We thank the Mayor of Paiania, Mr. Isidoros Manis, for the cooperation as well as the people who worked from the Municipality for this goal.

We are creating new green lungs for our country and our planet. Our goal is to create a bigger green lung for the citizens and at the same time the actions of We4All to be one more step each time for the recovery of the environment.

We are here with all of you and the We4all Environmental Alliance companies to make our world more beautiful, greener and more sustainable.