Carbon Neutral Citizen

This Planet is our homeCarbon Neutral Citizen

There is a way to bring your footprint to zero and to become

a Carbon Neutral Citizen.

Some facts:

  • Over 40 Billion tonnes of CO2 emissions are generated annually by human activity.
  • For 10.000 years, the temperature never rose or fell more than 1oC.
  • In the last century alone, the temperature has already increased by 1oC.
  • The Oceans are absorbing much of the excess heat, masking the actual extent of the danger.
  • The average CO2 footprint of one person is 4 tonnes of CO2 per year which is equivalent to what 180 typical trees can absorb.

”Planting more trees could remove almost 1/3 of the emissions that remain in the atmosphere today!”

Join our effort to fight the Climate change.

Help us plant more trees where it is needed.

Help us make our planet green again and restore the hope we have for tackling climate change. We are planting trees in areas of our planet that need it the most, where our team is active.

1€ = 1 tree

This tree:

  • Absorbs harmful carbon dioxide every day and helps to slow the rate of global warming
  • Helps restore biodiversity
  • Supports the quality of life in various communities of people around the world
  • Helps to develop the local economy
  • Helps you to bring your footprint to zero and gradually become a Carbon Neutral Citizen.
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