Green Future


We focus on young people and their environmental education.

In this endeavor, we educate hundreds of children each week, teaching them about the problems facing our planet and how they can live their daily lives in an environmentally friendly way.

Green Future


What is our educational program composed of?

Our educational program starts usually with a presentation, suitable for the educational level of the children. Our presentation happens with the use of a projector, or where the technical means are lacking, it is happening verbally. The process usually culminates in a tree planting within school premises and the “Oath to our planet” that the children promise. After this point, the children are awarded their “medals”.

What grades of schools can participate in our educational program?

All schools, from kindergarten to high school.

How much does the we4all educational program cost for one school?

Our educational program is given free of charge for any and all state schools.

What group actions are carried out?

  • Tree Planting / Reforestation actions in areas that need it the most
  • Watering and caring for our planted trees
  • Protecting and preserving forest land
  • Cleaning up sea shores, woodlands and urban areas
  • Local we4all groups all over the world to expand their environmental actions
  • Organizing seminars and lectures in schools and other organizations to raise environmental awareness
  • Empowering people in various areas of the world to work for nature

Form of Interest

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