We4all together with the global non-profit organization The Hellenic Initiative joined forces in an important tree planting initiative in the municipality of Peania.

You give life to one fruit and heal hundreds: Tomorrow is now!

We4All, the Non-Profit Environmental Organization founded to help the Earth heal and remind people that this Planet is our home, has joined forces with the global non-profit organization Hellenic Initiative – The Hellenic Initiative which brings together Diaspora Greeks and Philhellenes to invest in the future of Greece.

The partnership between these two organisations marks an important initiative of both organisations.  We 4all aims to educate the public and inspire all of us positively in active participation – in actions that help Greece and its nature, but also the planet as a whole.  The Hellenic Initiative, a global movement of the Greeks of the Diaspora, has as its mission the investment inthe future of Greece, through charitable actions and programs aimed at economic recovery.

So far we4all together with the Hellenic Initiative – The Hellenic Initiative have planted 2.200 trees in affected areas of Attica and Northern Evia. It is important to mention that many of the trees were fruitful (olive trees, lemon trees, almond trees, etc.) thus strengthening local communities and helping small producers by giving them tools and a breath of creativity in their livelihood.

On Saturday, May 14, the two organizations in collaboration with the Municipality of Paiania and the support of the Mayor Isidoros Madis as well as the Deputy Mayor of Administrative Services Giannis Samonas completed the planting of 2000 more suitable seedlings. These trees are particularly important as they will provide a firewall for Hymettus.

This action is only the beginning of a collaboration that aims to plant hundreds of thousands of trees in Greece in the coming years with the support of the Greeks of the Diaspora who have come together around the Hellenic Initiative.