We4All with the support of ELPEN, started a new program of environmental education in the fire-affected areas of the Municipality of Marathon-Rafina. During 2022-2023, a total of 6 trainings will be held, “adopting” the schools of the Municipality within the framework of the “Green Future” program.

Our common goal through this project is to inform and educate children over a period of time about major environmental issues facing our planet, such as that of climate change. Our purpose is not only to inform about the climate crisis we are experiencing but also to provide immediate and practical solutions that children can apply in their daily lives to combat this crisis. Through interactive presentations and games we try to achieve the environmental awareness of the new generation and to remind children that the protection of our planet is the duty of all of us.

Each education will be accompanied by a symbolic tree planting with the children in the school yard. During the tree planting, the children will be educated about the proper planting and care of a tree and will come in contact with nature. On the occasion of this training program, we want to support these areas that have been affected by the catastrophic fires of 2018. By creating new green lungs in the area, we aim at the recovery of the environment as well as the strengthening of the local community.

The beginning of this program took place on April 12, 2022 with the Kindergarten of Oneiroskala. We are very excited about this initiative and thank ELPEN for its valuable support.