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We welcome the new ALLY Member of the we4all Environmental Alliance, the Cooperative Bank of Chania and our new joint project “Green School by Bank of Chania”.

The Cooperative Bank of Chania operates over time with a high sense of responsibility, consistently designing and implementing actions and programs that contribute to the protection of the environment and the optimal use of natural resources.

In this direction, the Cooperative Bank of Chania joins forces with the global non-profit environmental and humanitarian organization we4all, so as to jointly implement the “Green School by Bank of Chania” program, which is part of the CSR framework with the environment as a key pillar.

The cooperation with we4all, is part of the “Green Future” sustainability awareness education program. Part of the same project is the creation of small botanical gardens with endemic and bee-keeping plants in the school yards.

The program started on Monday 8 May 2023 with the 7th High School of Chania and the next stop is the 6th High School of Chania, on Friday 12 May 2023.
The action is to be implemented this year in two more schools in the city of Chania.

Starting in the classroom, children are informed about the most important environmental problems of our time, but also about the simple, practical solutions that they can implement in their daily lives in order to contribute to the reduction of the environmental burden.

The Green Future sustainability awareness training program is designed to focus on good practices on some of the more complex environmental issues such as Food Waste, the Fast Fashion industry, intensive agriculture, intensive livestock farming and overfishing.

The project culminates in an activity of creating small botanical gardens with endemic, aromatic and bee-keeping plants in the schoolyard, where children realize that being responsible citizens and respecting what “surrounds” them is not only not difficult but is a natural, enjoyable activity that is considered necessary.

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