Today, Sunday, November 28, we exceeded 90,000 trees. Our goal until the end of the year is 100,000, something we had set as a promise to ourselves and all of you, in August, after the disaster. The fourth tree planting in the Municipality of Acharnes was carried out successfully. We planted the first 350 of the 1000 trees that will be planted at this point.

Evropi Kosmidi from the Attica Region was with us, as We4All operates under the auspices of the Attica Region.

A big thank you to the Municipality of Acharnes and to the Deputy Mayor Mr. Nikos Xagoraris.

Many thanks to Danaos Shipping and its people who came to us today for a demanding project and did just fine.


We are slowly preparing for a new year with many actions, not only in Attica, but also in the rest of Greece. We are creating new green lungs for our country and our planet. These actions are part of We4All's "Green Attica" operation. Our goal is to create a bigger green lung for the citizens and at the same time the actions of We4All to be one more step each time for the recovery of the environment in terms of tree planting and clearing of forests and beaches. We are here with all of you and the We4all Environmental Alliance companies to make our world more beautiful, in defiance of those who are trying to destroy it.


We especially thank each and every one of you. You are the we4all family.


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