For the second consecutive day, together with the Children's Football Academy of Olympiacos and the Deputy Mayor Mrs. Karakatsani, we were in Piraeus and planted 200 saplings in Marina Zeas.

All the children really worked together as a team and achieved a great result, showing that their education not only makes them better athletes but also better people, with a sense of offering and responsibility to the environment and society as a whole. This is also helped by the coaches of the team who have undertaken the comprehensive education of young children in addition to sports, passing on ethics, knowledge and value for the environment to our little friends.

Always observing the safety measures (gloves, masks, distances) as well as with music and appetite we carried out another tree planting action helping the environment. These trees will give breath to the point of Marina Zea and will beautify the life of the inhabitants by raising their standard of living. At the same time, we continue the actions uninterruptedly.

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