Today, May 21, 2021, We4All collaborated with the Municipality of Pallini and the company Pizza Fan for tree planting of 50 trees in the Kindergarten of Gerakas.

We combined tree planting with the education of our little friends in the Municipality of Pallini with the aim of informing them about environmental issues. Also, in addition to the theory we went into practice helping them plant trees in their kindergarten. Finally, we closed the action with pizzas from the company Pizza Fan that supported the event.

We thank the Municipality of Pallini for being with us and with which we intend to plant thousands of trees from September. This action is a tree planting and education action for students in the context of the "Green Attica" operation of We4All. Our goal is to create a bigger green lung for the citizens and at the same time the actions of We4All to be one more step each time for the recovery of the environment. We thank the Municipality of Pallini for the excellent cooperation and support in our project as well as the Pizza Fan for the support they provide in our project to make the planet even greener.

The environment is our priority as an environmental organization. That is why we fight every day.


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