The Municipality of Pallini targets environmental actions. One of them is the greening of the park on the Kampa estate. So on Thursday, October 21st, We4All and Starbucks along with Pierce's students gathered at the Kampa estate, in the school park, having fun and planting 200 trees! At the same time there was training and information on the importance of tree planting and the species that are planted.

We thank the Mayor of Pallini Mr. Thanassis Zoutsos for the cooperation as well as the participation in the action. By coming closer to the citizens and their needs we achieve more.

We are creating new green lungs for our country and our planet. These actions are part of We4All's "Green Attica" operation. Our goal is to create a bigger green lung for the citizens and at the same time the actions of We4All to be one more step each time for the recovery of the environment in terms of tree planting and clearing of forests and beaches.

We are here with all of you and the We4all Environmental Alliance companies to make our world more beautiful, in defiance of those who are trying to destroy it.

We especially thank each and every one of you. You are the we4all family.


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