Tree planting in collaboration with the Municipality of Fili and the environmental organization we4all took place on the morning of Wednesday, February 10, 2021, at the Aegaleo Regional Avenue. The aim of the synergy, which the two parties wish to continue, was the beautification and the creation of greenery, along an important road axis of the Municipality of Fili. The action is part of the Operation "Green Attica" promoted by the environmental organization, which in the two years of its activity has achieved important work.

More than 10 we4all volunteers and employees of the Municipality, planted, strictly observing the protection measures against the coronavirus, about 150 oleanders and lantans, laying the foundations of a very promising and beneficial environment for cooperation. The watering and care of the plants will be undertaken by the Green Department of the Municipality of Fili.

The choice of plants is not random as these are shrubs with relatively fast growth and obvious ornamental value since their flowering is dense and rich and has a long duration from spring to autumn. In the next tree planting will be used locusts, logs and laurels that can thrive in the city and have low water requirements.

In parallel with the tree planting, Assoc. Mayor Vassilis Georgiadis is planning, in the framework of the cooperation, fire protection operations with deforestation and cleaning in the suburban areas.

With its announcement, we4all thanks Assoc. Mayor Vassilis Georgiadis for the excellent cooperation. Mr. Vassilis Georgiadis added that the cooperation of the Municipality with we4all will continue with new tree plantings. "With the help of Mayor Christos Pappous we have organized an important program to enhance the greenery in our Municipality, while we will continue the synergies with environmental and other agencies that, along with other green initiatives, will improve the environmental footprint of our Municipality," he concluded.

We4All is a non-profit Environmental Organization founded in July 2018, following the Mati disaster. To date, we4all has taken part in synergies that have resulted in the planting of more than 30,000 trees in Greece and abroad, mainly in the affected areas of Neos Voutzas, Rafina and Mati. Its goal for the period 2021-2022 is to reach 100,000 trees.

With the beginning of 2021, We4All started the program "Operation Green Attica". In collaboration with 23 Municipalities in the region of Attica, the program aims at the complete regeneration of the urban field through the planting of trees throughout Athens.

The goals for this project are the following:

To plant 1,000,000 trees in the next three years.

To educate 50,000 children throughout Greece through seminars and lectures

To mobilize 1,000,000 people to participate in environmental activities such as tree planting, reforestation, beach cleaning and much more.