Of all, it is now necessary throughout the summer.


The fire that broke out today in the area of ​​Voula-Vari seems to have reached alarming proportions threatening the SOS villages and a nursing home and already causing damage to property and forest area.


1) We do not throw anything lit or hot in nature, keeping in mind the others who are more careless.

2) No outdoor work or baking in nature when the weather is hot and humid.

3) No garbage in the forests!

4) We do not go to the mountains or the forest when it has high temperatures and air.

5) We do not park over dry grass. Sparks of hot exhaust can ignite.

6) We immediately notify the fire department and HEDNO if we notice a problem in the electrical network with sparks.

7) We inform the Fire Department directly at 199 with clear information if we perceive smoke in nature.


Permanent vigilance from everyone.