Yes it's true.

We set a goal and we will achieve it. We will make the whole of Attica green!!!

We called all the municipalities and they responded! Starting today from Agia Paraskevi, more than 25 Municipalities are by our side in the project. Now, we call on all of you to join forces!

Our goal is to build a huge forest with 1,000,000 trees! One million trees in ALL of Attica!

And if some people think that this is impossible, we at We4All declare that we CAN and will do the impossible ... possible! Because we have a million "aces" up our sleeve: ALL of you together and each one individually.

We want you near us. Come together to plant and make our Attica green. This Planet is our home. We are determined to do it. And we will succeed.

The journey begins… Stay tuned.


Yours sincerely,

Giannis Iliopoulos - Antonis Bogdanos - Founders of we4all


Next to We4all is KOMVOS, our communication team led by Spyros Papadakis. Our cooperation aims to reach the message of "Green Attica" everywhere.