It is a fact. The We4All Environmental Alliance continues to grow as many more organizations and companies align themselves with our vision of a greener planet. The environment continues to occupy an important place in their agenda and We4All is here, ready to support this choice, planting trees in Greece and abroad. To date, we have planted more than 45,000 trees, which provide oxygen and help the planet grow even greener.


We therefore welcome Rolco to the Guardian level at the Environmental Alliance (1000+ trees). Rolco and We4All have found an innovative way to promote their tree planting campaign. This innovation lies in the fact that the consumer chooses where to plant his tree. Essentially, the latter can go to and choose in which Municipality of Attica or Thessaloniki he/she wants his/her tree to be planted. From September onwards, these trees will be planted in open activities with volunteers.


Such initiatives are always welcome as they help citizens understand the importance of the tree in everyday life. After all, our goal as an Environmental Non-Profit Organization is to take care of our Earth, to help it return but above all to enable the citizen to get close to nature, understanding its importance in his daily standard of living.


For all these reasons we fight every day. Thank you.