We4All has presented a significant project with the planting of more than 65,000 trees in Greece and abroad with simultaneous environmental training in schools and beach cleaning. The above project, apart from the international recognition by the UN in the framework of the campaign "Restoration Decade 2021-2030" in February 2021, was also recognized by the Attica Region in October this year.


In this context, after the intensification of the environmental actions of the organization since last Spring, the We4All campaign and, more specifically, the "Operation Green Attica" was recognized by the Attica Region. The latter gives its auspices to the environmental work carried out by We4All, as a dynamic that aims to improve the environment of Greece.


This recognition is added to the support from the UN. We are satisfied with the environmental work we are doing. We are, in addition, happy when there is recognition from important public and private bodies, in addition to the citizens who support us from the first moment of our actions. Only together can we make greater achievements for our environment and nature.


Thank you.