Yesterday took place the 2nd Panhellenic Tree Planting. For another year, all together from every corner of the country, in a coordinated effort, we planted tens of thousands of new trees.

Schools, scouts, families, people of all ages, companies and organizations, did their part, planting in their space, while we, together with all our friends (over 800 volunteers) planted yesterday in Galatsi 1300 new trees.

All our effort that was completed yesterday would not have been possible without the significant support of the company VIKOS, which helped to spread our message throughout the country. Many thanks to the Attica Region and the Regional Governor Mr. George Patoulis, who is now by our side in every action in Attica, as well as to the Municipality of Galatsi and the Mayor Mr. George Markopoulos for the excellent cooperation. We thank all the schools, companies, scouts and guides, the residents of Galatsi, the organizations ACT4MATI, CONNECTYOURCITY, IOM GREECE and many others who came to plant together.


And of course a big "thank you" to Konstantinos, the "O ALLOS ANTHRWPOS" who warmed us up with his company and his hot cocoa.


We do not stop! We will see you all in our next action.

The planet is our home.


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