Our first environmental action after the corona-virus pandemic took place. We arrived at Limanakia Beach in Athens, Greece to accomplish something incredible. Almost 100 people with the same values and care for the environment gathered at this place holding trash bags and gloves to clean the beach that all of them use for their summer vacation.


When we got there, a lot of garbage was thrown in nearby places, into the bushes or next to the beach. Our mission was, is and always will be to respect the environment, to help planet earth and to remind people that this planet is our home before it is too late. For the whole afternoon we cleaned up the garbage that was ruining the incredible scenic of the beach. 60+ bags of trash and recycling was picked up strengthening our campaign, the #pickatrash challenge. Nevertheless, our vision is to see humanity coexist as a large family in harmony with nature and other forms of life. 


It is never too late to begin caring for the environment. It is actually caring for your own home. If you treat it nice, it will too. Nothing is lost yet. If you don’t try, you have already lost. We try and we want you with us in our actions and support!



Thank you for your help!