In 2018 a group of friends joined forces against the destruction of nature and climate change that we are all experiencing. What makes We4All stand out is its thirst and efficiency for a "green" future, but also its ideology, which invites the whole world to unite as a family under a common vision.


From our first action back in 2019 to the last one in March 2020, thousands of people have been involved putting their pebble  in the “green” renaissance of our country. More than 10,000 trees have been planted in areas mainly in Eastern Attica (Marathon, Neo Voutzas, Mati, Rafina, Lagonisi and Kavouri), as well as in other countries, such as Australia and Brazil. Our goal for next year is to plant 50.000 trees either through corporate CSR activities or through the support from individuals and organizations. 


The season for planting trees in Greece last for about six months (October-March/April), but we keep organizing our environmental actions also during Summer. Last year we cleaned up beaches and forest areas, such as Schinias, Sounio and South Attica. The pandemic that affected humanity seems to be over but we are organizing beach/forest cleaning actions while at the same time taking care of our trees.More information about our actions can be also found through social media (instagram: we4all_official, facebook: we4all).


Our mission is to help Earth heal and to remind people this planet is our home, before it is too late. Our vision is to see humanity coexist as a large family in harmony with nature and other forms of life. Your smile and hope gives us courage to be unstoppable in making the world a better and “greener” place.


Thank you very much for your support!